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Below are just a few professions where a DUI conviction can jeopardize your professional license and your career:

Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Los Angeles LawIf you have been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County, you have just been tossed into the middle of a system full of confusion and contradiction. Without proper guidance from an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney, you could end up missing very important deadlines or end up suffering penalties that might have been avoided. You probably have little or knowledge of what to expect or how to protect yourself.

We are a Los Angeles criminal defense law firm devoted exclusively to defending people just like you. With a focus exclusively on DUI defense, our highly skilled Los Angeles DUI attorneys lead a team of experts who have amassed decades of experience defending DUI cases.

In the last 30 years, DUI has become one of the most aggressively prosecuted criminal cases in Los Angeles County. The laws controlling DUI are very much slanted in favor of the prosecutors and the penalties for DUI are growing harsher every year.

We offer our clients the very best in drunk driving defense. Whether it is a first offense DUI, a multi-offender case, or a vehicular manslaughter; our expert team has seen it all. Contrary to what most people think, there are DUI defense arguments. By employing a "team" approach to each case, our firm has the ability to act quickly to secure your driving privilege and to begin a thorough investigation of the facts before evidence is destroyed or witnesses disappear.

Our professional criminal defense law firm has the experience and flexibility to respond to the individual needs of our clients and the special requirements of their case. Whether a client's case can be settled quickly or, if it requires months of work and ultimately a jury trial; our staff can guide you through the turmoil and fear of defending yourself.

Suspended LicenseMany people are not aware that proper DUI defense requires your law firm to be an expert in two different arenas and in two different categories of law. All clients know that they will be prosecuted in one of the Superior Courts which comprise the Los Angeles County Superior Court system. The proceedings are dictated under the provisions of criminal law. Secondly, however, a person arrested for DUI must also defend themselves at an Administrative Per Se Hearing before the California Department of Motor Vehicles. These proceedings occur at regional offices for the DMV called Driver Safety Offices. The hearings in Los Angeles County are conducted under the provisions of administrative law and are quite different from what occurs in Court. If not handled properly, a citizen can lose their driving privilege for months or years.

Clients protected by professional and confidential staff are represented by experts in both the L.A. Court and the California DMV. Using the team approach and applying a policy of thorough investigation, we are completely devoted to pursuing the best possible outcome for our clients.

Maintaining membership in quality organizations helps our firm stay abreast of the ever changing elements of DUI law and science:

If you cannot risk being represented by an inexperienced attorney with few resources or; if you do not want to get lost in the numbers of a large corporate law firm; call us now. Let our team begin the work of protecting your future.

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