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Our team of Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys will help to save your license. Do not be caught without your driving privileges or face the loss of your job because you can no longer drive. Let our Los Angeles DMV defense lawyers handle your case today. Fill out our free online Los Angeles DUI Case Evaluation form now and receive a call back immediately from a qualified lawyer who will help you to understand your rights and the defenses on your case. If you do not act now, you may lose your right to a hearing. You or your lawyer needs to contact the DMV within 10 days from the date of arrest. So don’t wait, contact us today.

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Being arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles can be a scary and frustrating experience. You may be facing a huge financial burden, loss of your driving privileges and even your freedom. The first call you should make is to a leading Los Angeles drunk driving defense attorney who will help you to understand your rights and defend your case. Administrative Per Se Hearings through the California Department of Motor Vehicles are difficult to win. You do not stand a chance if you try to conduct the hearing without a knowledgeable Los Angeles DUI lawyer by your side. Let our office deal with the DMV. You will get peace of mind that a competent, effective attorney is handling your case and fighting for your rights.

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