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Forensic Toxicologist

A forensic toxicologist may be the key to getting your Los Angeles DUI case reduced or even dismissed. Often, there may be issues with the technology used to test your blood after an arrest for driving under the influence in Los Angeles. There may also be defenses that arise from the results of your preliminary alcohol screening test and subsequent chemical test that a forensic toxicologist can testify about at a DMV hearing or jury trial. A forensic toxicologist's testimony can show error in the testing of your blood or may show that you were under .08% BAC at the time of driving.

A forensic toxicologist is an expert in the field of alcohol testing and often has been qualified in retrograde extrapolation or the determination of a person's blood alcohol level prior to the chemical test. A forensic toxicologist may also be able to retest the blood sample that was taken after your arrest for a Los Angeles DUI also known as a blood split. A blood split may show a different blood alcohol result than that recorded by the original testing lab and could show errors in the initial testing process. This could result in a reduction of the DUI charges or even a dismissal.

Our team of skilled DUI attorneys Los Angeles can help you to understand the science behind driving under the influence cases and often utilize the expertise of forensic toxicologists when defending DUI cases. Contact our office today for your free Los Angeles DUI case evaluation.