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How a DUI Can Affect Airline Pilots

If you are a licensed airline pilot in Los Angeles County and have been arrested for driving under the influence you need to contact a DUI attorney immediately. You may need to report to your licensing agency after being arrested for a Los Angeles DUI. Our drunk driving defense attorneys can assist you with all aspects of your case. We know what you need to do to save your pilot's license.

One of the main issues that airline pilots face after being arrested for drunk driving in Los Angeles is the stigma of addiction. Many times an addiction specialist can provide you with a detailed analysis of your potential for addiction. This could help to save your license. The licensing board is often most concerned with whether or not this was an isolated incident or there is an underlying problem that could affect your ability to safely operate a plane. Our Los Angeles DUI lawyers know how to handle your criminal case and can provide the information you need to fight any licensing issues.

Our goal is to help you keep your career and provide you the best possible defense to your case. We are here to help. Remember, you not only face action through the Los Angeles criminal court system but also the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Contacting our office today could mean the difference between you continuing to fly or being grounded.

The team of qualified Los Angeles DUI defense attorneys know what it takes to save your license. You cannot afford to wait. Call our office today for a free Los Angeles DUI case evaluation. Your pilot's license is crucial to your career. We can help.