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How a DUI Can Affect Dentists

If you are a licensed dentist have just been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. As experienced DUI defense lawyers, we are able to assist dentists with their DMV hearings, administrative licensing issues, as well as the criminal DUI process. Most importantly, we have experience guiding dental professionals through the tricky process of dealing with the Dental Board of California. It is critical that you contact our office immediately to get a case review and determine the best course of action for your unique DUI case. In almost all cases, we recommend our clients, who have received a DUI arrest in Los Angeles County, immediately get evaluated by a licensed physician from the American Board of Addiction Medicine. This is to help determine if you have a substance abuse problem, the biggest concern for the Boards. If your assessment is positive, we can use it in both court and any administrative hearing related to your dental licensing.

All DUI defense firms are not the same! You need someone who understands the particulars of dealing with your professional license as a dentist. We will review with you such questions as notice to the Board, if we want to self-report or wait to see if any action is taken. Often, depending on your employment status, it may be necessary to report the incident. You want to make sure you are fully prepared and have done everything possible before responding to any inquiries from the Dental Board of California.

When arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County, it's important to remember you have only ten days to contact the DMV to request your APS DMV DUI hearing. Once you have contacted our LA defense firm and retained us, we will request the DMV hearing on your behalf from one of the several Los Angeles County Driver Safety Offices. We next will conduct the interview with you to determine the issues for your particular case. Was the DUI related to alcohol only or were drugs involved? Is this a first offense, second or even a third DUI? Was there an accident? How long have you been a member of the Board? Have you ever had a substance abuse problem in the past? These and other facts will be explored as part of our defense process to provide you with the best possible outcome on your particular case. In most cases, we can attend all LA court hearings without you ever having to personally appear in court. If you or someone you know is dealing with both a DUI and professional licensing issues related to the DUI in Los Angeles County please call our DUI defense law firm for a consultation.