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How a DUI Can Affect Doctors

If you are a licensed member of a medical board and have been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County you need to act quickly. A number of things happen that can directly impact your license to practice medicine. First, please call us for an evaluation of your DUI case. Once retained, we will contact the California DMV to preserve your driver's license. Our team of drunk driving defense attorneys and investigators will then conduct an intake interview with you regarding the circumstances around your DUI arrest. Once we have had an opportunity to review your case we will most likely send you to a physician licensed by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. This is critical in helping with your DUI and your professional license.

Whether this is your first, second or subsequent DUI we can put together a team to get you through this. It's important that you take the right steps from the beginning to guide your case to the best possible outcome. Our DUI defense law firm has years of experience helping doctors, nurses and other licensed professionals through the DUI process in Los Angeles County.

There will be some very difficult decisions that need to be made. Will you be required to report this to your licensing board? Will you want to self-report or wait to see what actions are taken? Do you have privileges at hospitals that would require you to report an arrest for a DUI? Each DUI case is unique and we treat each case as such, giving personalized attention to your particular facts. Our Los Angeles DUI lawyers can help you through this process.