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How a DUI Can Affect Pharmacists

If you are a licensed pharmacist or in school to become a pharmacist and have been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County you need to act quickly. More so than almost any other profession, the Board of Pharmacy will look into any DUI arrest. Because of the nature of the job and access to prescription drugs the Board of Pharmacy wants to know that its members don not have a substance abuse problem. We have experience represented Pharmacists in Los Angeles County arrested for DUI. We can help with both the criminal matter as well as the DMV and often more importantly, set you up to preserve your license with the Pharmacy Board.

Once contacted and retained we will contact the DMV (as long as you have retained us within 10 days of the DUI arrest). Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys will then conduct an extensive interview with you and direct you towards a licensed physician from the American Board of Addiction Medicine. It is important to be proactive in not only the defense of your LA DUI case in the criminal courts and DMV but also with the Board. We will walk you through the process and determine what is right for you, if you need to report this now or if you can wait. Each case is different and we will need to determine what's the best course of action for your individual case. Factors such as whether you work in a hospital or have a union can affect what we do.

Other things our LA DUI defense team will look at is the type of DUI. Were drugs involved? Is the a first offense or have you had previous convictions or arrests for DUI. Having a 2nd or 3rd DUI in Los Angeles County certainly complicates the case and again, being proactive will only help you to get a game plan together and get the best possible defense.