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How a DUI Can Affect Physicians

As a physician you are held to a high standard and often critically examined by the medical board for not only medical decisions but also personal decisions. If you are arrested for driving under the influence in Los Angeles and hold a medical license you may be subject to severe penalties by the medical board. The first call you need to make is to a qualified Los Angeles DUI Attorney who can assist you with the criminal case as well as licensing issues. In many cases you must immediately report to the board that you have been arrested for a DUI and face criminal charges. You will want a lawyer who knows how to handle these licensing issues and can represent you or provide a reliable referral.

In many cases medical boards are most concerned with potential addiction issues. The access to prescription medication becomes a grave concern for those thought to have addictions or the potential for addiction. Often, a drunk driving incident is not the result of underlying addiction problems, but rather the result of a poor decision. No matter what the reason for the drunk driving incident you need to hire representation. Our Los Angeles DUI lawyer can assist you with all aspects of your case. Call our offices today for your free Los Angeles DUI case evaluation.

As a physician, if you have had two or more drunk driving incidents you could lose your license to practice medicine. An addiction specialist can help the licensing board to determine that action should not be taken against you by the medical board. Driving under the influence is a common occurrence but cannot be taken lightly. Our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys are here to help. Contact our offices now.