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How a DUI Can Affect Real Estate Agents

Being arrested is Los Angeles County for DUI is stressful enough without the concerns of your professional license. Unfortunately, if you hold a license as a realtor, broker or in the mortgage industry, you understand the negative impact a DUI can have on your career. As one of the leading DUI defense Law Firms in Los Angeles County we can help you through the process by assessing your particular case and walk you through the difficult process of dealing with the DUI arrest.

First, you have only 10 days to contact the California DMV from the date of arrest in LA County. If we are retained in the first 10 days, we will make sure this is handled for you. We will then do a full assessment of your case and background evaluation. We will recommend and will refer you to a licensed doctor from the American Board of Addiction Medicine. This is a proactive approach to help you deal with the DUI and any possible professional licensing issues related to being a realtor, broker and/or mortgage license industry. The licensing boards related to these fields are most concerned with substance abuse problems and want to assure anyone working in these fields is not suffering from any such substance abuse problems. This is why it is imperative that if this is a second, third or even felony DUI offense in LA, we get an assessment right away to get a plan in place. It is always better to be proactive then reactive. In handling several cases involving professional licensing issues, we understand the unique facts that make a difference in your case and your career.

If you have been cited for driving under the influence in Los Angeles County and are licensed as a realtor, broker or in the mortgage industry please contact us immediately for a consultation. We are here to help.