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How a DUI Can Affect Teachers

If you are a teacher and have been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County, you need to consider a number of things beyond just the DUI and the criminal and DMV proves. As a teacher or professor, you have certain credentials and licenses related to your job. Depending on what grade or level you teach as well as whether you teach at a private or public school can have an impact on how your Los Angeles DUI arrest may affect your job and career. Also, are you required to drive as part of your job duties? It's important to contact our team of experience DUI defense lawyers immediately so we can assess the important details of your unique DUI case.

As a teacher or professor, you often have a union you can contact for additional help getting through the DUI through the DUI process and work. We can help with guiding you through every step of the way. Once we determine your work responsibilities and whether a union is involved, our DUI team will want to set you up with an evaluation from a licensed physician by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. This evaluation, if positive, will be used to help you, not only with your criminal DUI case in LA County, but more importantly, with and hearing regarding your teaching privileges.

Being a teacher and being arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County is not the end of the world. There is hope and with the right game plan and drunk driving defense team, we can get you through this one step at a time. Don't wait, be proactive and contact us so we can start your defense today. Whether you're a private school teacher, in school to become a teacher, a public school teacher or college professor, we are here to help.