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How a DUI Affects Truck Drivers

As a truck driver, you often have many questions when first arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County. Will I still be able to drive, and If so, for how long? Will I lose my commercial license? Do I need to notify my employer? Will my insurance cancel me? We are here to help! As long as you contact us within ten days of your arrest we can request your DMV hearing for you and keep you driving while the case is pending in both the Los Angeles County courts as well as the LA DMV. We will help determine what's the best course of action for you, depending on your individual circumstances. Every truck driver is different, you may work for a large company and need to deal with corporate and/or a union, you may be in law enforcement and need to operate a commercial vehicle as part of your job or you may be self-employed, driving for yourself. Each case presents its own set of problems and we work on finding a set of solutions for those problems.

A DUI arrest in LA County can have devastating effects on your career as a truck driver. Two things occur upon your arrest for DUI, first, you have 10 days to contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles to request your LA County DMV hearing and second, you have a criminal case in court. These are two distinctly different things but both must be fought in order to preserve your right to carry a Class A commercial driver's license.

When arrested for DUI in Los Angeles you need to be aware of the differences for a commercial driver. If you were driving a vehicle requiring a commercial license at the time of the arrest the BAC limit is on .04 as compared to if you were driving a regular automobile. Rest assured we have had experience with both types of cases and will put all our resources into creating the best possible defenses for your case.

Our Los Angeles DUI defense team has experience representing truck drivers in actions at the DMV and in the criminal courts of LA. If you have been arrested for DUI and are a truck driver you cannot afford to wait. Call the law firm that will make sure every fact gets explored and you are properly defended and represented at your Admin Per Se Hearing (California DMV hearing) as well as court. Our drunk driving defense lawyers can appear in court on your behalf in most cases, saving you time and keeping you on the road.